Which of our presidential candidates are actually going to need Social Security or Medicare? I will not accept a pension-- Presidents shape the nation, they should have to live in it when they're done!



It's time we had a President with some clue of what it means to live like we do-- someone who has personally felt the repercussions of government policies-- a true representative of the common people!

Forgive me if my words are less than eloquent-- I'm writing them myself, which means they come from the heart. I've always been a working grunt and I guess I just never got around to filling out that ivy league college application. This site has a lot of words on it, and I know a lot of folks don't have the attention span to take enough time to actually read what a candidate has to say. Perhaps it's because they know that what they're reading wasn't actually written by the candidate-- not so here. No one speaks for me. So please do not discount me if you find my words to be somewhat tasteless or un-couth, I do not have the luxury of professional writers and editors to express my opinions for me.


Constitution First!!!

Show me a nation, in the history of the world, whose system of government has allowed its citizens to prosper and flourish better than we have it here in America, and I will gladly pursue the adoption of that system. If such a system cannot be found, why then, would we pursue any system other than the one presented within our own Constitution? Yes, we have poverty in America-- but we also have the means by which our impoverished citizens can bring themselves out of poverty if they only possess the determination to do so. Few nations on this planet have ever afforded their citizens such an opportunity. We have this, and many other opportunities, guaranteed in our Constitution-- but it is currently under attack.

As with any document, contract, or agreement-- whether it is sealed with a handshake, scribbled on a napkin, or written on a 200 year-old parchment-- there is an inherent danger of parties who will work, not to take advantage of the strengths implied by the spirit of the agreement, but to take advantage, instead, of its unforeseen weaknesses. They exploit “loopholes” and dishonor the spirit of the agreement, although they do it proudly within the realm of law. Now it seems our country is run by the super wealthy, the professional politicians, and the media they control.

Our Executive Branch of government is currently held by a man who sees the Constitution as an obstacle. He has exploited its loopholes and dishonored its true meaning, taken advantage of its weaknesses, and grown powerful through motions of Executive Order, compliance with international treaties, implementation of regulations through executive departments, and creation of executive agencies not prescribed within the Constitution’s definition of the Executive Branch.

The media have also exploited the loose definition of “freedom of the press” as guaranteed by the First Amendment. Media moguls rejoice in the exploitation of their protected freedom as they pick and choose, by their own whim, that which will be publicized across the nation, and that which will be overlooked and conveniently forgotten.

Our nation is in dire need of a president of unparalleled strength of character, unshakable moral resolve, and the will to withstand the attacks of established institutions empowered by unfathomable wealth and indescribable corruption flowing forth from both internal and international sources. I am someone who recognizes the unbalanced power of the Executive Branch under current circumstances, and is willing to voluntarily dismantle these circumstances for the good of the people whose freedom is at stake.


The Issues

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